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Are you affected by cancer? Has one of your family members or a friend been diagnosed with a cancerous disease? In this case our private oncology clinic is the right place for you. With many years of clinical experience, we can provide you a broad range of medical services in the fields of medical oncology, hematology, internal medicine, preventive medicine and natural medicine. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies in tumor diagnostics and treatment.

Routine is a foreign word for us

As individual as you are, so should be your treatment. Together with you we will develop an integrated treatment plan, exactly tailored to your requirements and needs.

Your well-being is our priority

We would warmly welcome you at our clinic and accompany you on this intense way.

We are gladly at your disposal for further information. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Dr. Asir Kopic and Team

Diagnosis – how we can detect and control cancer

There are two components that are necessary to build the basis of every good diagnosis: a detailed discussion with the patient and a thorough physical examination.

Not only the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment of a disease is of vital importance, you as a human being are even more important. To defeat cancer you have to understand your diagnosis and for a promising recovery process, it requires your active cooperation. This is why counselling and informing you about every step throughout all stages of the disease are our team’s core competences.

After a diagnosis has been established, a range of extended diagnostic procedures are available to you, depending on the specific requirements of your disease. The kind of procedure, which will bring the most reliable results, will be chosen individually for each patient.

In the following we will briefly describe some of them:

Our therapy - your health

After the diagnostics tests we will inform you in detail about your disease, the consequences and current therapy standards. Together with you we will discuss further procedures.

Our goal is to find the best possible solution to your individual needs in accordance with acknowledged and state-of-the-art therapy. Naturally, we will also consider additional therapies or refer you to particularly specialized colleagues, if this would be to your advantage. We are also open to accompanying, supportive measures, as it is not only the efficacy of treatment that counts, but also your personal quality of life. With that, we would offer you in addition to the conventional methods, alternative and complementary procedures, if appropriate.

Depending on your diagnosis and your overall condition we will find the best suitable kind of therapy for you.

Palliative Care

Follow up care

Clinical Trial

Port catheter care

Pain management

Second opinion

Cancer is a serious disease. If you have any doubts about your diagnosis or the treatment plan you have already proposed or the therapy you have started, you always have the option of getting a second medical opinion.

The second opinion can help you to confirm the diagnosis or proposed therapy made by your doctor, or to make a different finding and define completely new therapeutic approaches. In the case of drastic diagnoses, the best possible treatment can thus be ensured.

It is important to us that you are satisfied with the treatment strategy and feel safe. Talking to a second doctor about this is quite common and every patient has a right to do so. If you would like to make an appointment for a second opinion – please contact us directly.

Our team will be happy to make an appointment with you.