Complementary and integrative medicine in oncology

As a cancer patient you might be seeking alternative therapies instead of conventional medicine methods or in addition to conventional cancer therapies. Many of these methods are propagated under terms like “integrative oncology”, “alternative cancer therapy”, or “complementary cancer therapy”. Some of these alternative procedures can provide valuable support in cancer treatment. Biological cancer therapy procedures are regularly applied in our clinic if it turns out to be beneficial to the individual patient. These methods include:

Intravenous orthomolecular therapy

If the clinical picture or the laboratory results reveal a deficiency, we can optimize this situation by giving intravenous orthomolecular micronutrients infusions.
Many physicians looking at cancer as a chronic illness whose defining characteristic is impaired cellular energy metabolism. The main reason for this can be found in a reduced mitochondrial function of cell.
Infusions with vital substances represent one of the most important supportive measures for effective control, regeneration and stimulation of all cellular and mitochondrial functions. Vital substances can also be helpful to neutralize free radicals during chemo- or radiotherapy and to strengthen the organism and the immune system.


In our clinic, acupuncture is not used as a method to treat the primary disease but to treat its symptoms, which result from tumor growth (e. g. pain) or from therapy (e. g. fatigue or vomiting under chemotherapy). Through this method the administration of additional medications can often be avoided.

Mistletoe therapy

Treatment of cancer with mistletoe extracts has been known for about one hundred years and is today in Germany one of the most frequently used cancer remedies. Many patients confide in a treatment with mistletoe preparations, but there is so far no generally recognized proof for its efficacy against cancer. Nevertheless, a lot of patients acknowledge an improvement of their general condition and of their life quality through a mistletoe therapy during chemotherapy.